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Malvern City FC – Team Manager’s Guide

1.0      Purpose

The purpose of this document is to assist Team Managers with their team management responsibilities.

2.0      Team Manager – Roles & Responsibilities

2.1       Role

To ensure the successful management of the team and welfare of the players in their care, whilst making sure that all off field matters are dealt with efficiently and timely. Provide support to the coach and any support staff.

A good Team Manager will allow a coach to concentrate on coaching the players.

In general, the Team Manager is the primary point of contact between members of the team, parents and the Club, ensuring there is enough volunteers from parents on game day and as required throughout the year.

2.2       Responsibilities

  • Liaise with all team members, parents, coaches and officials to ensure all are informed of training, competition and club functions, including match fixtures.
  • Ensure all parents are registered & have downloaded our club Team App for communications & updates.
    •Attend to administration matters as directed by the club officials.
    •Liaise with the players, coaches and the Club Committee, acting as a liaison officer between the club and the team.
    •Provide updates to the coach on player availability during the season.
    •Document any problems that arise between team members, parents, coaches and supporters and present these to club officials.
    •Coordinate return of equipment to appropriate storage area after training and matches.
    •Coordinate submission of team sheets and match reports to secretary after both home and away matches.
    •Ensure all players pay their membership fees and other required payments on time.
    •Determine weekly awards with appropriate coaches and support staff.
    •Prepare a roster for the game day Fruit and lollies distribution
    •Prepare a roster for a parent to run the line (Linesperson) for each game.
    •Prepare a roster for the pitch set up and pack up (goals, side lines, corner flags …)
    •Organise the distribution of the Team’s uniform and if any delays, sort out alternate clothing with the Committee.

Weekly Tasks:

  • Remind Parents to give as much notice as possible if their child is unable to attend the game or training.
    •Inform Coach of players absent from training or game day.
    •Inform Team of any changes to normal training sessions.
    •Confirm details for the current game via FFV Fixture and with the Team you are playing.  Check if any clash of uniforms and organise to use alternate Club top if needed.  
    •Email game details to the Team (venue, address, warm up time, kick off time) by no later Thursday night, if any last minute changes, SMS (and email) the Team to inform
  • Assist parents to setup Team App to provide the new digital tool for all the above tasks. (This is new so will have a transition period till it gets across to all)

3.0      Training

3.1       Venues

Training nights are planned and allocated through discussion and consultation between coaches, the Coaching Coordinator and Club Committee.

Changes in times will need to be done in consultation with the Coaching Coordinator. And Committee

3.2       Attendance

The Team Manager has to ensure all players arrive for training and be ready to start at the designated starting time.

The Team Manager will organise for parents to either stay for training or expected finish time.

3.4       Player Attire

The Team Manager and Coach have dual responsibility to ensure each player has the appropriate attire for training. This includes shin guards, boots, as well as necessary goalkeeper attire for goalkeepers.

3.5       Equipment

The Club will provide all necessary training equipment.

4.0      Match Day

4.1       Team Sheets and Player ID Cards

The Club will provide every Junior Team Manager (12s upwards) with a FFV Match Record book. The FFV Match Record book should be prepared prior to arriving at the game. This is particularly important for home games where there are a considerable number of other tasks to be completed prior to kick-off.

The FFV Match Record is in triplicate. The players’ names, strip number, FFA number and match details are to be written in the book and handed to the referee at least 30 minutes before scheduled kick off. The referee will check all team sheets and Player ID Cards and retain them until the end of the match.

On occasions, the referee may inspect both teams’ attire to ensure it meets regulations.

After completion of the match, the referee will complete and sign the team sheets. Team representatives eg Team Manager, must sign and receive the relevant copies of the match record. Before signing, ensure that the:

  • Scores are correct.
    •Recording of (red and yellow) cards is correct.
    •Goal scorers are correct.

The FFV Match Record sheets are distributed as follows:

  • Original – referee keeps the original.
    •Duplicate – provided to the oppositions Team Manager.
    •Triplicate – Retain in book

4.2       Transport

All parents are to arrange for the transportation of their child to the designated venue, parents to arrange with other parents car- pooling as required,

4.3       Arrival Times

All players must arrive at the match venue and be with his fellow squad members by the time designated by the coach. The Coaching Coordinator advises as a minimum that:

  • Miniroos  U8 to U11 arrive at least 30 minutes before kick-off.
    •U12 – U18 Juniors arrive at least 45 minutes before kick-off.

4.4       Ground Preparations & Game Duties

It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to arrange set-up of the ground prior to the commencement of play for a home game. As a rule, Team Managers should be at the ground at least 45 minutes prior to kick off to:

  • Ensure rostered persons set up the goals and placement of ground flags.
    •Ensure the pitch is safe to play on.
    •Ensuring rostered marshals are present, briefed and on duty with bibs when required.
    •Have the drink holder filled with the player’s water bottles and available for your Team.
    •Ensure players have the correct strip, including goal-keeper gloves.
    •At half time have your rostered parent distribute the fruit and after the game the lollies.
    •Manage the first aid kit. (Speak to the committee if the kit needs attention)
    •Ensure Games start and finish on time, so games following are not impeded
    •Ensure results are sent through to FFV and Club Secretary.  

4.5       Role of Game/Ground Marshals

The Team Manager must ensure the person(s) allocated as Marshal’s understand the following:

  • Be clearly identifiable in a Hi-Vis vest.
    •Must be visible at all times.
    •Identify themselves to the appointed Match Official (referee) prior to kick-off.
    •Escort the match officials to and from the change rooms to and from the field of play at the start of the game, at half time and at the end of the game.
    •Ask person or person(s) to move away from prohibited areas of the field including technical side of the pitch, each end of the pitch (including near the goals) and inside the spectator boundary on the spectators side of the pitch.
    •Monitor, and warn if necessary parents and spectators who are clearly not acting within Code of Conduct.
    •Alert the match official, if necessary, any player and/or coach clearly not acting within the prescribed Code of Conduct.
    •If the behaviour continues, advise that their actions are not within the FFV’s Code of Conduct and that a complaint can be lodged both with the club and FFV.
    •If more serious cases, immediately notify the referee who can hold the respective coach accountable.
    •Team Manager is responsible for paying the referee. The Club Treasurer will arrange for Referee Fees to be provided to you (normally via the club canteen in an envelope).

4.6       Match Balls

It is the responsibility of the home side to provide the match balls for the match. The Club will provide teams with the required match balls on the day.

The Team Manager must ensure that the balls have been inflated to the recommended pressure before the commencement of the match. The match balls are to be handed to the referee prior to the match and retrieved from the referee after the match. The match ball is not to be used for pre match practice or training.

4.7       Referees Attendance

The FFV has declared that all junior matches under-12 and above are to be allocated official referees. However, there is no guarantee that an official referee will attend every match. Should an official referee not attend, it is the responsibility of the home club to provide a referee.

It is the Team Manager’s responsibly to assign a referee for the match. The Team Manager should, if possible, solicit at the beginning of the season commitments from a couple of the parents to perform referee duties if an official referee fails to attend.

Each team will need to allocate a linesperson for each match. Some referees bring their own linesmen flags. If the official referee does not bring their own flags, the home side is responsible for providing the flags, be sure that you have access to a whistle in case the official referee fails to attend.

Before the game:

  • Direct the referee to the referees change room.
    •Hand Team Sheet Book and Player ID cards to the referee.
    •Provide the referee with the match balls.
    •Introduce our rostered linesperson and marshals to the referee.
    •Ask the referee if they need linesperson’s flags (and supply ref with the club’s if necessary).
    •Confirm with the opposing team who their team marshal is and the linesperson will be.

After the Game:

  • Check and sign team sheets.
    •Collect Team Sheet Book and Player ID cards.

4.8       Referees Fees

The Club pays official referees only.

The home side is responsible for paying the match referee. The fees are set by the FFV and vary depending on age group. The Referee should sign to the form provided to acknowledge payment.

The fees are available from the canteen on match day. Should the canteen be closed for the day, the Team Manager is responsible for paying the referee. The Club Treasurer will arrange for Referee Fees to be provided to you.

4.9       Match Results

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to notify the FFV of all home match results. Results of each Match are to be communicated to the FFV by login to FFV Online. Refer to Entering Game Results Online form, also send the president the results on the day.

All Junior Clubs are required to record their results by 9:00am Monday morning online. If a fixture is postponed/abandoned for whatever reason, the ‘Home’ Club is still required to call the FFV results line and communicate the reasons why the game was not played. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

5.0      General Issues & Considerations

5.1       Team Communications

Email should be recommended that the primary means of communicating information to players and parents. It is far more time consuming and expensive tracking down people by other means such as a phone.
As people are not always able to check emails every day, it is important that information be emailed in a timely manner. Normally this should be several days in advance.
Information needing attention within 24 hours should be communicated by phone/text.

5.2       Match Day Substitutes

If players from any team are invited to help make up numbers in another team, they shall not displace existing team members. While such invited players will receive some playing time, they should only be regarded as reserve players, playing on the field in special circumstance such as injury.
Any players required outside the team must contact the Team Manager (or Coach).
The substitute should be ideally from the team in the directly below them at the Club.
If that is not possible, then contact the Team Manager in the team directly above them or other suitable players as long as they will play within the correct age grouping, ie. Not older than the age level for that particular team.

5.3       Player Registrations

Each player must be registered with the Football Federation Victoria (FFV) and Football Federation Australia (FFA). Each registered player is allocated a FFA registration number. The registration number remains the same throughout the player’s junior career.

The Club will not register players with the FFV and FFA that have not paid their membership. The club secretary will contact you when requiring your assistance in relation to this matter.

5.4       Player Transfers

Please contact the Club Registrar for assistance with transfers.

5.5       FFV Insurance

The Club registers each player with the FFV. Included in the FFV registration fee is an allowance for the FFV Group Insurance Scheme. It is important to note that unless a player is registered with the FFV, the player will not be covered by the FFV’s group insurance policy. This presents an unacceptable risk and under these circumstances, the Club will not allow unregistered players to participate in training, practice

5.6       Medical Kit & injury report

Each team will be given a first aid kit for the season to be returned at the end of the season. This is to be kept with the Team Manager at all times.

The Team Manager needs to maintain this kit and ensure that it is available for both training sessions and game day.

Legally, clubs are not permitted to offer anything more than the most basic treatment to any player. A cold compress is about all that can be applied. Players who are bleeding should not be allowed to remain on the pitch. If an injury is serious, the player should not be moved, and an ambulance called.

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to determine what treatment their child should receive. All Team Managers should fill out an “Injury Report” if a player is seriously injured, this may be needed in the event there is an insurance claim. These should be kept with the club.

5.7       Stretcher

The Club supplies a stretcher suitable for first aid and emergency, first aiders must become familiar with where the stretcher is stored at the ground on match day (we have three, one for each ground).

The Team Manager must place the stretcher at the half way line prior to commencement of the match.

5.8 Competition Rules

The rules of the competition are available on the FFV website under ‘Competitions’.
It is highly recommended you familiarize yourself with these rules.

5.9 Player ID Cards (via FFV supplied Photos pdf)

All players taking part in games must have a FFA Player ID. Referees will not allow players to take the field without a valid Player ID.
Clubs found to be breaching player eligibility rules will be heavily fined.

5.10 Codes of Conduct/Behaviour

It is vital that all people involved in sporting activities, whether they are players, parents or supporters, understand their responsibilities to ensure that all participants enjoy junior sport. Please ensure every player and parent is issued with the player/parent code of conduct rules.

5.11 Player awards

The team manager and coaches will determine on the voting system prior to the season beginning.



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